Alan Lancaster

Alan Lancaster

(7 February 1949 – 26 September 2021)


Sunday 26 September began with the sad news that Alan had passed away.  


Here we pass our condolences on to Dayle, Alan Jr, David and Toni and the extended family.  

Alan made the trip to the FTMO… Official Status Quo Fan Club Convention not just once but TWICE, despite ill health to come to the UK to see what he termed HIS Quo Army.
Alan made time for everyone. Shook every hand, posed for photos, signed 1000s of albums (he refused to stop until everyone had had their items signed, even though he was exhausted) and more importantly spent time chatting and getting to know everyone. He did this with a genuine smile on his face.
When he hit the stage for the grand finale he gave it all. A true inspiration. He wouldn’t let his illness stop him from giving a rocking performance.
RIP Alan.


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