• Conrad(Tuesday, December 12 17 02:36 am GMT)

    I attended the first convention in 2015 & again in 2017. It’s been one of the highlights of my year and I can’t wait for 2019! Can it get any better though? I’m not sure that’s even possible

  • Gillian Appleby-tatam(Monday, November 20 17 03:49 pm GMT)

    Hi when is quo convention at minehead 2018 as can not seem to find any info

  • Sue Day(Sunday, November 19 17 10:54 am GMT)

    Absolutely fantastic weekend. Met some lovely people. Met Alan and John who signed my programme. Made my weekend.

  • Christa Bales(Tuesday, November 14 17 10:43 pm GMT)

    Best weekend of my life, loved every second of it. Sunday night was such a finale. Cried buckets. Thank you to yvonne, Paul and all the team, bring on 2019.

  • brian saville(Saturday, October 28 17 08:06 am BST)

    I cannot submit details for rock remembers rick ep due to not being on social media. suggestions

  • Viv Chambers(Sunday, October 22 17 01:12 pm BST)

    I was at this wonderful event last weekend and enjoyed every minute! It was great to meet up with old and new Quo friends and be part of the Quo family again! Thanks to all the bands that delivered some great songs, especially the little or never before played! The emotional finale featuring the musical reunion of 3 of the old band stalwarts – John Coghlan, Alan Lancaster and Bob Young was fantastic. And the touching tribute from Rick Parfitt’s son (as Rick had also planned to attend) was exciting and poignant at the same time!
    It’s sometimes difficult to explain to non Quo fans how much love there is for Quo and their music but the video of clips from Alan Lancaster’s daughter gives an insight into what the week end meant to us! Thank you Toni! And thanks to Yvonne and Paul for their hard work to organise the Convention, it was epic!!! 🙂

  • Steve Murphy(Sunday, October 22 17 11:35 am BST)

    Brilliant weekend, loved all the bands great mix of Tribute and non. Met some lovely Quo fans and thoroughly enjoyed meeting John Alan and Bob. Also met Rick Parfitt Junior at breakfast lovely man really friendly. Thanks to FTMO team superb job. Sunday night was rock history so good.

  • Neil Parrott(Saturday, October 21 17 04:56 pm BST)

    Hi yvonne i just want to say you did a stirling job organising this special event.it will be remembered for years . The finale was more than i expected.Thankyou so much…The whole weekend was brilliant ..all the bands were great…

  • Robert Bolitho(Friday, October 20 17 01:15 pm BST)

    Can we upload videos as well? x

  • Sue Day(Friday, October 20 17 09:13 am BST)

    Well pardome if Im repeating myself. What a fantastic weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole event. A week diwn the line and Im still buzzing from Sunday night alone. I met some lovely people. It Could not have been a greater success. Thank you Yvonne AND Paul all the effort was worth it. Now for a well earned break. You deserve it.

  • John Marsh(Thursday, October 19 17 10:08 pm BST)

    Really great weekend – highlights (and there were many) – Meeting Alan, John, Bob & RPJ (REAL GENTS ALL!), Q & A sessions, great range of tribute bands, especially No Quo, Dog of Two Head & Sound of Status.
    Finally the Sunday night – John Coghlans Quo – GREAT. RPJ singing Living on an Island in particular – yes a real tear jerker. The finale with Alan, RPJ, Bob Young and others – really wild and hot!
    The weekend also had a real vibe of remembering Rick – that is the best compliment I can pay. Thanks Yvonne and the team – your hard work gave everyone a real weekend to remember.

  • Tim(Thursday, October 19 17 03:40 pm BST)

    Hi Yvonne et al,

    My only comment can be how gutted I am that the Butlin’s website kept telling me, and I was told twice on the phone, that it was sold out! I feel like I’ve been robbed! Anyways, looks like a great time had by all would be an understand. So well done Yvonne!

  • Andrew Cooper(Thursday, October 19 17 02:55 pm BST)

    Amazing weekend, we didn’t want it to end. Really well organised. The bands were fab. Thank you for all of your hard work. Keep Rockin..

  • Russ Stevenson & Jo Damon(Thursday, October 19 17 12:28 pm BST)

    It was brilliant – what a superb weekend had by us all. Many familiar faces & friends to catch up with over the 3 nights. Thanks to all the organisers, as ever, and roll on 2019!

  • Michael Schiller(Thursday, October 19 17 09:43 am BST)

    fantastic weekend, fantastic bands, fantastic fans!

  • Guvner(Thursday, October 19 17 07:44 am BST)

    Superb weekend, dog of two head were awesome, really enjoyed Jackie Lynton, – I think that band brought something different to the party, which I liked, JCQ totally brilliant as always, the finale was the best I’ve seen in years , hope this happens again in 2019 , brilliant weekend- but , butlins bar staff were a let down – they just couldn’t cope , but that’s all gigs I suppose x

  • Tim Kerr(Thursday, October 19 17 12:39 am BST)

    What a gig !! What a weekend, wish I was still there now. I travelled all the way from Liverpool by coach 11 hours there and 12 hours back £300 all in money well spent. Like other comments, Dog Of Two Head brilliant (sorry for Matt and his technical problems) Sound Of Status brilliant, the Q+A with Alan and John, the Living On An Island tributes from Bob Young and RPJ beautiful and very moving, and of course JCQ band and the finale. Special thanks to the lovely in-laws Dayle Lancaster and Patty Parfitt, and also to everyone I spoke to, friendly Quo rockers, see you all in 2019 – altogether now “WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES FORGIVE ME”

  • Robert Bolitho(Wednesday, October 18 17 09:59 pm BST)

    It still seems like a dream to me. Sooooo glad I was there to witness for myself. Sunday night was awesome.

  • jill Wright(Wednesday, October 18 17 08:00 pm BST)

    Thanks for the privilege of a rock to you drop weekend!A hot sweaty room full of Quo madness!and to top it off accidentally bumping into Alan Lancaster had a lovely chat what a gentleman ? still not come back down to earth yet!keep rocking ? ? ? ?

  • Steve Shepherd(Wednesday, October 18 17 06:21 pm BST)

    I went with one thing in mind …. Alan Lancaster . I came home thinking, how lucky I was to have been able to witness the JCQ Gig on Sunday night and a fully autographed drum cover. An unforgettable 3 days with like minded people … Yvonne , we salute you . X

  • Mick Tolley(Wednesday, October 18 17 05:46 pm BST)

    It took me 12 minutes to get home. Could you move closer to my home, please! Seriously, my first Convention and I had a ball. Great bands. Great organisation. Good luck with 2019.

  • Dan Loveridge(Wednesday, October 18 17 05:32 pm BST)

    Absolutely fantastic weekend. Me and a mate came down from Oxford on Friday and had a great time. Great band’s, well organised and and brilliant turn out! No reason why 2019 can’t be even bigger! Would be great to perhaps get some other Past or current Quo members there next time too.
    Highlights for us were Dog of Two Head, Sound Of Status and the Sunday night finale.
    Credit to everyone to helped make it the ultimate Quo weekender!
    2019. Be there!

  • Harald(Wednesday, October 18 17 04:26 pm BST)

    Emotionally a definite highlight of my almost 40 years in the Quo-Fan-Existence! Musically a real flashback to the 70s with Predatür, Dog of two head, Sound of Status and of course JCQ with a never-be-seen-again lineup (RPJ, Alan, Bob, Micky Moody – still can’t believe it!) THANKS Yvonne, Paul and everybody from FTMO involved in the organization, you are in my heart forever! <3 And to all the new and old Quo Army friends I met @Butlin’s – SEE YOU ALL AGAIN IN 2019 🙂 xxx

  • quollector(Wednesday, October 18 17 03:56 pm BST)

    Joakim brought us back to 1976… RPJ gave us a blast and Alan.. honest and lovely just like the first day I met him in 1978. Brilliant Weekend Simon Porter come to Butlins in 2019… then you know why Quo is no longer selling out.

  • Will(Wednesday, October 18 17 03:41 pm BST)

    Probably one of the best weekends I have ever had! Full of fun light-hearted entertainment and amazingly interesting Q&A’s! There was laughter, joy, some tears, but most of all… NON STOP ROCK ‘N’ ROLL!

  • Adrian pollard(Wednesday, October 18 17 03:31 pm BST)

    Best weekend of my gigging life. Highlights for me..DOTH, Sound of Status and of course the Sunday night finale. Made some terrific new friends..my only complaint.. I wish I was 30 years younger…i hurt all over

  • Stefan Nilsson(Wednesday, October 18 17 03:21 pm BST)

    Thank You all for a fantastic lovely weekend and specially Yvonne and Paul see you all in 2019 🙂