2017 Convention DVD



Relive the fantastic weekend at Butlin’s in Minehead with this five-hour-long two-DVD set.

Disc one is a two-hour documentary featuring backstage interviews with Alan Lancaster, John Coghlan, Bob Young, Rick Parfitt Junior, Micky Moody and Mick Wall, fan interviews and the backdrop to the whole weekend. The documentary is interspersed with band performances.

Disc two features the full Q&A sessions with Alan, John and Bob, followed by the emotionally charged set from Rick Parfitt Junior and the long-hoped-for appearance of Alan Lancaster.

The package also contains a 12-page booklet, with notes written by Mick Wall, who undertook exclusive interviews with Alan, John, Bob and Rick Junior to get their thoughts on the whole weekend.

The result is an amazing reminder of an epic weekend.


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